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1908 Directory of Polish Residents in the Village of Albion

Village of Albion Officers - 1908
Office Name
President Church, Perry W.
Trustees Blood, Hervey
Brooks, F. H.
Buell, Ward S.
Landauer, Jacob
Clerk Warner, Edward H.
Treasurer Hanley, Daniel W.
Attorney Fluhrer, Gerald B.
Street Commissioner Herrick, Freeman H.
Collector Sullivan, Thaddeus
Assessors Barrett, J. E.
Blake, Ashley
Grear, P. L.
Chief of Police Van Dell, Andrew
Police Justice Knickerbocker, John C.
Policemen Owens, John
Van Dell, Andrew
Wachowiak, Joseph
Warner, Mott
Board of Health Barry, Martin
Hudson, H. M.
Reminger, Conrad
Registrar of Vital Statistics Dowd, Charles
Health Officer Wage, A. E., MD    


St. Mary's of the Assumption Roman Catholic Polish Church
33 Brown. Rev. L. T. Stein, rector. Masses 8 and 10 a.m., Sundays and holy days of obligation. Vespers 3 p.m. Sacred Heart devotions first Sunday of each month.
Societies - St. Stanislaus Society; St. Joseph's Society


Branch No. 42 - Catholic Mutual Benefit Association
Office Name
President Kennedy, James A.
Spiritual Advisor Sullivan, Rev. Francis
First Vice President McGuire, J. W.
Second Vice President McGuire, William A.
Financial Secretary Kirby, William J.
Recording Secretary Hunt, Thomas
Treasurer Mahoney, Daniel J.
Chancellor Mahoney, D. J.
Guard McGuire, Patrick
Marshal Cichocki, John
Trustees Grace, John
O'Brien, John F.
Meetings every Tuesday - C.M.B.A.


(H) - indicates Head of Household or House Owner (B) - indicates Boarder, no house ownership.

Surnames in parentheses show the original spelling as found in the directory, corrected name is included.


Name Residence Occupation Place of Business
Bielicki (Balycki), Anthony Sanford St. (H) Laborer  
Bruski, Frank 4 Knapp St. (B)    
Bruski, John 4 Knapp St. (B)    
Bruski, Martha 173 S. Main St. (B) Domestic  
Bruski, Michael 4 Knapp St. (H) Laborer  
Brzeyzinski, Anthony 21 Knapp St (H) Laborer  
Brzeyzinski, Anthony Jr. 21 Knapp St. (B) Laborer  
Brzeyzinski, Frances 21 Knapp St. (B)    
Brzyzinski, Mary 21 Knapp St. (B)    
Butkiewicz, Alexander 17 Clarendon St. (H) Blacksmith  
Butkiewicz, Stanley 17 Clarendon St. (B)    
Celmer (Kalmar), Conrad 1 Sanford St. (H) Laborer  
Chmielewski (Hmilewski), Mary 11 Knapp St. (H)    (wid. Valentine)
Chmielewski (Hmilewski), Paul 11 Knapp St. (B)    
Chmielewski (Hmilewski), Martin 11 Knapp St. (B)    
Cichocki, John 95 Caroline St. (B) Quarryman  
Cichocki, Joseph 25 Moore St. (H) Laborer  
Cichocki, Stephen 25 Moore St. (B) Laborer  
Ciesinski, Constantine (Kinantony) 10 Knapp St. (H) Laborer  
Ciesinski, Paul 10 Knapp St. (B) Laborer  
Ciesinski, Walter 10 Knapp St. (B) Student  
Ciszek, Frank 113 E. State St. (B) Barkeeper 113 E. State St.
Ciszek, Helen 113 E. State St. (B)    
Ciszek, Mathew 113 E. State St. (H)   Saloon & Bottling Works
Czachorowski, Anna (wid. Ignatius) 46 Brown St. (H)    
Czachorowski, Bronca 46 Brown St. (B)    
Czachorowski, Elizabeth 46 Brown St. (B) Student  
Czachorowski, Katie 46 Brown St. (B)    
Daniels, Henry 90 Caroline St. (H) Laborer  
Daniels, Maggie 126 State St. (B)    
Daniels, Stanley 85 Caroline St. (H) Steam Driller  
Daniels, Stephen J. 126 E. State St. (H) Quarryman  
Danielewski, Adam P. 21 Moore St. (B) Grocer 21 Moore St.
Danielewski, James 21 Moore St. (B) Driver  
Danielewski, Katie 21 Moore St. (B)    
Danielewski, Mary (wid. Joseph) Goodrich St. (H)    
Danielewski, Stephen 21 Moore St. (H) Saloon 21 Moore St.
Depczynski, Frank 104 E. State St. (H) Foreman Orleans County Quarry Company
Depczynski, Katie 183 S. Main St. (B) Domestic  
Depczynski, Rosie 104 E. State St. (B) Gen. Mdse. General Merchandise, Grocery
Furmanski, Joseph 1 Wood St. (H) Laborer  
Furmanski, Mary 46 Brown St. (B)    
Furmanski, Stanley 1 Wood St. (B) Student  
Gackowski, Conrad 88 Caroline St. (B) Moulder  
Gackowski, Frank 89 Caroline St. (H) Quarryman  
Gackowski, Frank 88 Caroline St. (H) Teaming  
Gackowski, Frank Jr. 88 Caroline St. (B) Laborer  
Gackowski, John 89 Caroline St. (B) Quarryman  
Gackowski, John 88 Caroline St. (B) Deliveryman  
Gackowski, Joseph 88 Caroline St. (B) Laborer  
Gatz, Valentine 19 Brown St. (H) Florist 19 Brown St.
Gminski, Charlie 107 E. State St. (B) Laborer  
Gminski, Simon 107 E. State St. (H) Laborer  
Gogolinski, Jacob 11 Goodrich St. (H) Quarryman  
Gorlewski, Albert 23 Moore St. (H) Laborer  
Graczyk, Esther 9 Joseph St. (B)    
Graczyk, John 9 Joseph St. (H) Laborer  
Gruszczynski (Groczynski), Martha 12 Densmore St. (B)    
Gruszczynski (Groczynski), Mary 12 Densmore St. (B)    
Gruszczynski (Groczynski), Max 12 Densmore St. (B) Student  
Gruszczynski (Groczynski), Michael 12 Densmore St. (H) Laborer  
Gurney (Gurny), Francis Goodrich (B)    
Gurney (Gurny), Hattie Goodrich (B)    
Gurney (Gurny), Michael Goodrich (B)    
Gurney (Gurny), Valentine 31 Brown St. (H) Laborer  
Gurney (Gurny), Valentine Goodrich (B) Quarryman  
Gurzinski (Groczynski), Frank 13 Moore St. (H) Laborer  
Gurzinski (Groczynski), Frank 13 Moore St. (B) Student  
Guzinski (Guzinski), Marion 17 Knapp St. (H) Laborer  
Gurzinski (Groczynski), Mary 13 Moore St. (B)    
Gurzinski (Gurjenski), Michael 5 Moore St. (H) Laborer  
Guzinski (Gurczynski), Helen 23 Moore St. (B)    
Guzinski (Gurczynski), Julius 23 Moore St. (H) Laborer  
Guzinski (Gurczynski), Katie 23 Moore St. (B)    
Guzinski (Gurczynski), Mary 23 Moore St. (B)    
Guzinski, Frank 94 Caroline St. (B) Laborer  
Guzinski, Hattie 94 Caroline St. (B)    
Guzinski, John 94 Caroline St. (H) Laborer  
Guzinski, John 3 Brown St. (H) Barkeeper Albion House
Guzinski, Mary 13 Platt St. (B) Domestic  
Guzinski, Stanley 94 Caroline St. (B) Laborer  
Jablonski, Ellen 73 Caroline St. (B)    
Jablonski, Esther 73 Caroline St. (B)    
Jablonski, Frank 73 Caroline St. (B) Laborer  
Jablonski, Julia (wid. Frank) 73 Caroline St. (H)    
Jablonski, Valeria 73 Caroline St. (B) Waitress  
Janus, Helen 9 Knapp St. (B)    
Janus, Stanley 9 Knapp St. (H) Laborer  
Jasniewski, Adam 63 Moore St. (H) Laborer  
Jasniewski, John 63 Moore St. (B) Laborer  
Jasniewski, Rosie 63 Moore St. (B)    
Jasniewski, Stanley 63 Moore St. (B) Laborer  
Jaworski, Frank 34 Brown St. (B)    
Jaworski, John 34 Brown St. (H) Grocer  
Jaworski, Katie 34 Brown St. (B)    
Jaworski, Michael 34 Brown St. (B) Laborer  
Jaworski, Theodore 34 Brown St. (B) Laborer  
Jendrzejewski, Julia 64 Caroline St. (B) Housekeeper  
Jendrzejewski, Marin 64 Caroline St. (B) Laborer  
Jendrzejewski, Valentine 121 E. State St. (H) Laborer  
Jendrzejewski, Valentine Jr. 121 E. State St. (B) Fireman  
Jozwiak, Anna (wid. Martin) 5 Knapp St. (H)    
Jozwiak, John 3 Brown St. (H) Stone Cutter  
Jozwiak, Pauline 5 Knapp St. (B)    
Jutkiewicz (Jutkicwic), Frank 45 Hamilton St. (H) Laborer  
Jutkiewicz (Jutkicwic), Stanley 45 Hamilton St. (B) Laborer  
Kaczynski, John 3 Sanford St. (H) Laborer  
Kaminski, Alice 16 E. State St. (B) Domestic  
Kaminski, Anthony 111 Caroline St. (H) Laborer  
Kaminski, Frank 68 Caroline St. (H) Laborer  
Kaminski, Frank 7 Goodrich St. (B) Laborer  
Kaminski, John 105 Caroline St. (B)    
Kaminski, Katie 7 Goodrich St. (B) Student  
Kaminski, Martin 7 Goodrich St. (H) Laborer  
Kaminski, Mary 7 Goodrich St. (B)    
Kaminski, Thomas 7 Goodrich St. (H) Laborer  
Kaniecki, Anthony 3 Wood St. (H) Laborer  
Kaniecki, Frank 89 Caroline St. (B) Quarryman  
Kaniecki, James 40 Brown St. (H) Laborer  
Kaniecki, John 46 Brown St. (H) Laborer  
Kaniecki, Mary 3 Wood St. (B)    
Kaniecki, Paul 3 Wood St. (B) Laborer  
Kapela, Albert 181 E. State St. (H) Laborer  
Kapela, Mary 181 E. State St. (B)    
Kapela, Michael 181 E. State St. (B) Student  
Karlowski (Carlewski), Anthony 97 Caroline St. (H) Laborer  
Karlowski (Carlewski), James 97 Caroline St. (B) Laborer  
Karlowski (Karowski), Katie 14 W. State St. (B) Domestic 14 W. State St.
Karlowski (Carlewski), Sophia 97 Caroline St. (B)    
Karlowski (Carlewski), Stanley 97 Caroline St. (B) Laborer  
Kiebala, Vincent 35 Brown St. (H) Prof. St. Mary's School
Kiska, Clara W. 3 McClelland St. (B) Telephone Operator  
Kiska, Edgar L. 3 McClelland St. (B) Student  
Kiska, Gertrude 3 McClelland St. (B) Telephone Operator  
Kiska, Jennie M. 3 McClelland St. (B) Student  
Kiska, Martin 3 McClelland St. (H) Merchant Tailor 59 Webster St. N. Tonawanda
Kosmowski, Pauline (wid. Martin) 31 Moore St. (B)    
Kuligowski, Annie 18 Densmore St. (B) Waitress Orleans House
Kuligowski, Frank 18 Densmore St. (B) Farm Laborer  
Kurminski, Joseph 103 Caroline St. (B) Laborer  
Kurminski, Steven 103 Caroline St. (B) Laborer  
Kurzawski, Frank 17 Brown St. (H)    
Kurzawski, Martha 17 Brown St. (B)    
Kurzawski, Mary 17 Brown St. (B)    
Kwiatkowski (Kviviatoski), Albert 11 Goodrich St. (B) Quarryman  
Kwiatkowski (Kviviatoski), Bernice 11 Goodrich St. (B) Quarryman  
Kwiatkowski, Frank 44 Brown St. (B) Laborer  
Kwiatkowski, John 31 Brown St. (H) Laborer  
Kwiatkowski, Joseph 1 Moore St. (B)    
Kwiatkowski, Martin 44 Brown St. (H) Laborer  
Kwiatkowski (Katkowski), Peter 33 Moore St. (H) Laborer  
Kwiatkowski (Kviviatoski), Stanley 11 Goodrich St. (B) Quarryman  
Kwiatkowski, Stanley 44 Brown St. (B)    
Labczynski, Benedict Goodrich St. (H) Quarryman  
Labczynski, Joseph Goodrich St. (B) Quarryman  
Laskowski, Anthony 6 Herrick St. (H) Laborer  
Levandowski (Luvndoski), Vante 10 Densmore St. (H) Laborer  
Lewandowski, Adam 58 Moore St. (H) Laborer  
Lewandowski, Joseph 3 Knapp St. (H) Laborer  
Lewandowski, Lawrence 62 Moore St. (H) Laborer  
Lewandowski, Michael 62 Moore St. (B)    
Lisiecki, Josephine (wid. Ignatius) 48 Moore St. (H)    
Lubawy, Celia 56 Moore St. (B)    
Lubawy, Helen 56 Moore St. (B)    
Lubawy, Helen M. 179 S. Main St. (B) Domestic  
Lubawy, John 56 Moore St. (B) Laborer  
Lubawy, Peter 56 Moore St. (H) Laborer  
Lubomski, John 117 E. State St. (B) Bookkeeper  
Lubomski, Joseph 117 E. State St. (H) Laborer  
Lucas, George 92 Caroline St. (H) Laborer  
Lucas, Johannah 92 Caroline St. (B)    
Lucas, John 92 Caroline St. (B) Student  
Lucas, Martin 90 Caroline St. (H) Laborer  
Luczak, Agnes Goodrich St. (B) Clerk  
Luczak, Albert 5 Moore St. (H) Laborer  
Luczak, Frank Goodrich St. (B) Student  
Luczak, John Goodrich St. (H) Grocer  
Luczak, John Goodrich St. (H) Quarryman  
Luczak, Josephine 5 Moore St. (B)    
Luczak, Stephen Goodrich St. (B) Quarryman  
Ludwick, Mary (wid. John) 53 Hamilton St. (H)    
Ludwick, Theodore                             126 E. State St. (H)      Teaming                       


Name Residence Occupation Place of Business
Mager, August                                     169 E. State St. (H) Painter                                                                              
Mager, Barney 169 E. State St. (B)    
Mager, Frances 169 E. State St. (B)    
Mager (Major), Frances 10 E. Avenue (B) Domestic  
Mager, Joseph 169 E. State St. (B)    
Mager, William 183 E. State St. (H) Teamster  
Majewski, Frank 1 Brown St. (H) Saloon 1 Brown St. - Saloon
Majewski, Martin 18 Knapp St. (B) Farm Laborer  
Majewski, Stanley 44 Moore St. (H) Laborer  
Majewski, Thomas 18 Knapp St. (H) Laborer  
Majewski, Theresa 1 Brown St. (B) Student  
Makowski, Ignatius 70 Caroline St. (H) Laborer  
Makowski, John 70 Caroline St. (B) Student  
Manieski, Frank 14 Densmore St. (B)    
Manieski, John 25 Moore St. (H) Laborer  
Manieski, John 14 Densmore St. (H) Laborer  
Manieski, Joseph 14 Densmore St. (B)    
Manieski, Josephine 14 Densmore St. (B)    
Marciszewski, Katie 1 Moore St. (B) Student  
Marciszewski, Konstanty 1 Moore St. (B)    
Marciszewski, Mary (wid. Frank) 1 Moore St. (H)    
Marciszewski, Peter 1 Moore St. (H) Gen. Mdse. General Merchandise
Marciszewski, Veronica 1 Moore St. (B)    
Mikolajewski (Mickolewski), John 8 Knapp St. (B) Laborer  
Mikolajewski (Mickolewski), Louis 8 Knapp St. (H) Laborer  
Mikolajewski (Mickolewski), Martin 13 Moore St. (H) Laborer  
Mikolajewski (Mickolewski), Rose 8 Knapp St. (B)    
Mielcarski, Joseph 40 Moore St. (H) Laborer  
Mielcarski, Martha 40 Moore St. (B)    
Nayman, Frank 123 E. State St. (H) Laborer  
Nayman, Ignatius 96 Caroline St. (B) Student  
Nayman, John 96 Caroline St. (B) Laborer  
Nayman, Joseph 99 E. State St. (H) Employee Gas Company
Nayman, Michael 96 Caroline St. (H) Laborer  
Norkowski, Fannie 44 Brown St. (B)    
Norkowski, Frank 44 Brown St. (B) Laborer  
Norkowski, Leo 44 Brown St. (B) Student  
Norkowski, Mary 44 Brown St. (B)    
Norkowski, Stanley 123 E. State St. (H) Laborer  
Nowicki, Lawrence 1 Knapp St. (H) Laborer  
Nowicki, Martin 1 Knapp St. (B)    
Nowicki, Sarah 1 Knapp St. (B)    
Olszewski (Walszeski), Adam Moore St. (H)    
Olszewski, Michael 40 Brown St. (H) Laborer  
Olszewski (Walszeski), Theresa Moore St. (B)    
Orlowicz, Anthony 66 Caroline St. (H) Laborer  
Orlowicz, John 66 Caroline St. (B) Cement Worker  
Orlowicz, Sophia 66 Caroline St. (B)    
Pastwikowski, Valentine 23 Brown St. (H)    
Pawlaczyk, John 13 Knapp St. (H)    
Pawlaczyk, Martin 13 Knapp St. (B)    
Pawlaczyk, Thomas 13 Knapp St. (B)    
Piatek (Piontek), John 112 E. State St. (H) Laborer  
Pieniaszek, Ignatius 19 Brown St. (H) Laborer  
Pieniaszek, John 2 Sanford St. (H) Laborer  
Poleski, Agnes (wid. Joseph) Goodrich St. (H)    
Poleski, George Goodrich St. (B) Farmer  
Poleski, Leo Goodrich St. (B) Farmer  
Poleski, Michael Goodrich St. (B) Farmer  
Pulkownik, Andrew 101 E. State St. (H) Quarryman  
Pulkownik, John   Farmer  
Pulkownik, Annie Josephine   Student  
Radac, Benjamin 19 Knapp St. (B) Laborer  
Radac, Lizzie 19 Knapp St. (B)    
Radac, Solomon 19 Knapp St. (H) Laborer  
Radzinski (Ridzinski), Anna 11 Goodrich St. (H) Waitress Orleans Hotel
Radzinski (Ridzinski), Anthony 95 Caroline St. (H) Quarryman  
Radzinski, Frank 18 Densmore St. (H) Farm Laborer  
Radzinski, Frank 57 Moore St. (H) Laborer  
Radzinski (Ridzinski), Helen 11 Goodrich St. (B) Waitress  
Radzinski, John 22 Knapp St. (H) Laborer  
Radzinski, John 16 Knapp St. (H) Laborer  
Radzinski (Ridzinski), Joseph 11 Goodrich St. (B) Laborer  
Radzinski, Martha 57 Moore St. (B)    
Radzinski, Mary 16 Knapp St. (B)    
Radzinski, Tony 18 Densmore St. (B) Farm Laborer  
Rice, Fannie 91 Caroline St. (B)    
Rice, Ignatius 91 Caroline St. (H) Quarryman  
Rice, James 91 Caroline St. (B) Quarryman  
Rice, John 91 Caroline St. (B) Student  
Rice, Sophia 91 Caroline St. (B)    
Rice, Stanley 91 Caroline St. (B) School Teacher  
Romanowski, Anthony 183 E. State St. (H) Laborer  
Romanowski, Ignatius 183 E. State St. (B) Student  
Ruchaj, Frank 20 Brown St. (B) Student  
Ruchaj, Jennie 20 Brown St. (B) Student  
Ruchaj, Stanley 20 Brown St. (H) Laborer  
Rutkowski, Ignatius 4 Densmore St. (B)    
Rutkowski, Frank 4 Densmore St. (B) Laborer  
Rutkowski, John 4 Densmore St. (H) Laborer  
Rutkowski, Tony 4 Densmore St. (B) Laborer  
Rytlewski, Alexander 38 Brown St. (H) Employee Gas Company
Rytlewski, Barney 94 Caroline St. (H) Laborer  
Rytlewski, John 2 Brown St. (H) Laborer  
Rytlewski (Retlewski), Martin 54 Moore St. (H) Laborer  
Rytlewski (Retlewski), Michael 54 Moore St. (B) Laborer  
Sablaski, Ethel 38 Moore St. (B) Student  
Sablaski, Eva 38 Moore St. (B)    
Sablaski, John 38 Moore St. (H) Laborer  
Sablaski, Veronica 38 Moore St. (B)    
Sadowski, Bruno 68 Caroline St. (B) Farm Laborer  
Sadowski, Frank 68 Caroline St. (B)    
Sadowski, John 68 Caroline St. (H) Laborer  
Sadowski (Sodowski), Joseph 20 Densmore St. (H) Laborer  
Sadowski, Martha 68 Caroline St. (B) Waitress  
Sadowski, Thomas 77 Caroline St. (H) Moulder  
Schulfski, Andrew 60 Moore St. (H) Laborer  
Schulfski, Frank 60 Moore St. (B) Laborer  
Schulfski, Victoria 60 Moore St. (B)    
Siebok (Shubbuck), Agnes 17 Clarendon St. (B)    
Siebok (Shubbuck), Frolic 17 Clarendon St. (B) Sawyer  
Siebok (Shubbuck), John 17 Clarendon St. (H)    
Siebok (Shubbuck), Joseph 17 Clarendon St. (B) Laborer  
Siebok (Shubbuck), Mary 17 Clarendon St. (B)    
Shultz, Albert 2 Knapp St. (H) Laborer  
Shultz, Frank 83 E. State St. (B)    
Shultz, George 83 E. State St. (B) Locomotive Fireman  
Shultz, Katie 83 E. State St. (B)    
Shultz, John 2 Knapp St. (B)    
Shultz, Joseph 83 E. State St. (H) Laborer  
Shultz, Paul 2 Knapp St. (B)    
Szybanski (Sebinski), Stephen 22 Densmore St. (H) Laborer  
Sledzik, Frances 138 S. Main St. (B) Domestic  
Sledzik, Francis 20 Knapp St. (B)    
Sledzik, Frank 20 Knapp St. (H) Laborer  
Sledzik, Lottie 20 Knapp St. (B)    
Sledzinski (Sledzranske), Anna 9 Goodrich St. (B)    
Sledzinski (Sledeczynski), Frank 91 Caroline St. (H) Quarryman  
Sledzinski (Sledzranske), Jacob 9 Goodrich St. (H) Quarryman  
Sledzinski (Sledzranske), Martha 9 Goodrich St. (B)    
Sledzinski (Sledzranske), Mary 9 Goodrich St. (B)    
Sledzinski (Sledeczynski), Mary 151 S. Main St. (B) Domestic 151 S. Main St.
Sledzinski (Sledzranske), Veronica 9 Goodrich St. (B)    
Sledzinski (Sledeczynski), Veronica 12 W. Academy St. (B) Domestic 12 W. Academy St.
Slizewski, Anthony 6 Densmore St. (B) Laborer  
Slizewski, Frank 6 Densmore St. (B) Moulder  
Slizewski, Michael 6 Densmore St. (H) Laborer  
Slizewski, Stanley 6 Densmore St. (B) Teamster  
Slizewski, Stella 6 Densmore St. (B)    
Stein, Rev. Leopold T. 33 Brown St. (H) Rector St. Mary's Church
Sterczynski, Gertrude 15 Moore St. (B)    
Sterczynski, Stanley 15 Moore St. (B)    
Sterczynski, Thomas 15 Moore St. (H) Laborer  
Tasiemski, Lukas 101 Caroline St. (H) Laborer  
Tasiemski, Martha 101 Caroline St. (B) Student  
Telga, Stephen 31 Moore St. (H) Laborer  
Ugorek, Stephen 31 Brown St. (H) Laborer  
Vickner, John 71 Caroline St. (H) Laborer  
Witkowski (Vitugefski), Ignatius 19 Joseph St. (H) Laborer  
Witkowski (Vitugefski), Leo 19 Joseph St. (B) Student  
Witkowski (Vitugefski), Rosa 19 Joseph St. (B)    
Witkowski (Vitugefski), Stanley 14 Knapp St. (H) Laborer  
Witkowski (Vitugefski), Stanley Jr. 14 Knapp St. (B)    
Witkowski (Vitugefski), Stella 14 Knapp St. (B)    
Wisniewski, Fannie 45 Caroline St. (B)    
Wisniewski, Frances 45 Caroline St. (B)    
Wisniewski (Cherry), Frances 17 W. Park St. (B) Domestic 17 W. Park St.
Wisniewski, Frank 45 Caroline St. (B)    
Wisniewski, James 45 Caroline St. (B)    
Wisniewski, Lambert 45 Caroline St. (H) Quarryman  
Wisniewski, Rosa 45 Caroline St. (B)    
Wisniewski, Stanley 45 Caroline St. (B) Student  
Wisniewski, Veronica 45 Caroline St. (B)    
Wojcieszak, Jacob 27 Moore St. (H) Laborer  
Wojcieszak, John 27 Moore St. (B)    
Zyglarski, Martha 71 Moore St. (B)    
Zyglarski, Mary (wid. Paul) 71 Moore St. (H)    
Zyglarski, Stanley 71 Moore St. (B) Student  
Zymiencz, Joseph F. 6 Clarendon St. (H) Laborer  
Zwifka (Zwieka), Julius 40 Brown St. (H) Laborer  
Zwifka (Zwieka), Victoria 29 W. Bank St. (B) Domestic