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The Dispute with the Doctors

The Dispute with the Doctors is the formal name given to the depiction of Christ in the Temple. Here, Christ is found preaching to the Jewish scribes. The word "dispute" is regarded more as a debate, not a quarrel.

Traditionally, the scribes are depicted as holding scrolls, or rotulus, and Christ would carry a codex. This depiction would represent the meeting of the old and new, specifically the Old and New Testaments. Instead, the scribes are shown with the codex style of books as we know today.

Again, Mary and Joseph are wearing the same colors, as they do throughout most of the murals. However, look at the balded man next to Mary. He wears a cloak which is very similar in design and color to Caspar in the Adoration of the Magi mural. He has similar hair color and upper facial features. It is possible that Rzeznik used the same model for both of these characters. In the following pieces, the man also shares a common appearance to Nicodemus.

As in the Adoration of the Magi, there is the pillar again with the squared base, representing the meeting of heaven and earth.